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October 13, 2017 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 am
Houston and the entire Gulf Coast region are not the places that they were before the destruction...
October 20 - 21, 2017
If Everyone Cares so Deeply about Education, Why are We Still Failing Kids in Poverty? ...

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ALF Salutes the Lead 2017 Joseph Jaworski Leadership Award Dinner Sponsors
Celebrating 35 Years of Joining and Strengthening Diverse Leaders
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Thank you to Charlene Slack, Adeeb Barqawi, Mikael Floyd, Jeff Reichman, Ravi Sandill and all of our guests for joining the American Leadership Forum to explore what the leadership landscape might look like in 2027.

Special Message from ALF President, Daniel W. Snare, regarding Hurricane Harvey Support Efforts

Our thoughts are with our Senior Fellows and the entire Houston/Gulf Coast region as you all take steps to respond to the most pressing needs in your lives after Hurricane Harvey - for you personally as well as for your families, friends and neighbors and for your businesses and organizations. 

As we all create plans to move forward, I am writing to offer the American Leadership Forum as a resource to share and link needs and opportunities in our community.  The ALF website (Hurricane Harvey Resource List) has proven to be valuable forums for sharing such information.  Please continue to send us updates from your organization (click here).

To share needs in our community - Please clearly identify:

The organization or entity name and needs (i.e. specific items and estimated number needed, etc.  Be as specific as possible so that others will know exactly how they might be able to help.)

For volunteer opportunities be specific about tasks that need to be performed.

Contact name, e-mail, phone number and website – please provide all that are available.

To share resources available – please indicate:

Organizations, groups or individuals available to help and what you are able to offer.

Contact name, e-mail, phone number and website – please provide all that are available

Please try to help us keep these identified needs and resources current so that we can all stay informed about the most pressing needs and those that have been met.

There are, of course, many ways Senior Fellows can support one another in the coming days, including providing direct financial support for recovery efforts.  Each of our Senior Fellows has organizations that are near and dear to your hearts that will undoubtedly need and appreciate donations of any kind.  Some organizations that are collecting funds for institutions across the region include Mayor Turner’s Harvey Relief Fund at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, United Way, and Red Cross.

Over the past week it has been heartening to see literally hundreds of e-mail messages of caring and support among so many ALF classes and across our entire ALF network.

  • We know that several Fellows in our ALF family suffered flooding of their homes and businesses and our thoughts are with each of them and their families. It was humbling to see the responses, support and direct assistance that their ALF classmates provided to them in so many cases.
  • We are deeply grateful to so many of you, your organizations and your businesses that have done simply incredible things to serve and support your neighbors and our communities. These countless examples of selfless servant leadership, large and small, inspire us all.

Our office did not sustain any damage during the storm and thankfully all of ALF’s staff and their families are safe and dry. 

We know that there is a long road ahead, however, we also know that our powerful network can come together as we know best—across disciplines to brainstorm ideas, share resources and lend each other a hand.  We send strength and support to you all.

In solidarity and with resolve to join and strengthen diverse leaders to serve during this time of incredible need.

         Daniel W. Snare, Medical Class 5 and President, American Leadership Forum


American Leadership Forum

For three and a half decades ALF has worked very intentionally to bring together a mix of diverse leaders from virtually every sector of the Houston community -- not to debate, but to co-create new possibilities. Characterized by a strong belief in the human capacity for collective intelligence, the ALF program focuses on the principles of a different kind of leadership to empower Fellows to envision effective solutions and take coordinated action to address the community’s pressing issues.

The fundamental principles of the American Leadership Forum (ALF) assert that when individuals suspend judgment and allow themselves to truly hear meaning and context from others without the interference of cultural and ideological filters – this potential is unlocked to serve the common good.

It’s no coincidence that Houston’s growing recognition as one of America’s great multicultural cities for more than 30 years parallels the growth of the American Leadership Forum. Since 1980, ALF has worked very intentionally to bring together a multicultural mix of extremely diverse leaders from virtually every sector of Houston’s community not to debate, but to co-create new possibilities. Characterized by a strong belief in the human capacity for collective intelligence, the ALF program focuses on the principles of a different kind of leadership that empowers Fellows to envision effective solutions and take coordinated action to address the community’s pressing issues.

This commitment to community and cooperative spirit is nurtured through a yearlong program in which ALF Fellows engage in dialogue, learn to value their differences and unique perspectives, find common ground and build lasting relationships.


Senior Fellows from the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter
  • Adrian Garcia
    Former Sheriff-Harris County Sheriff's Office
    Office of Adrian Garcia
    Criminal Justice 2
  • Belinda Hill
    Class XX
  • John Johnson
    Johnson & Lindley LLC
    Class XI
  • Mandy Kao
    Titan Management
    Class XXXVIII
  • Jacqueline Autman
    Executive Director/President
    CROSSROADS:Community Partnership for Youth, Inc.
    Criminal Justice 5
  • Elizabeth Shea
    Retired - Chief Marketing & Development Officer
    Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
    Class XVIII
  • Cathy Easter
    President & CEO
    Houston Methodist Global
    Medical Community Class 1
  • Steven Parker
    Owner/Creative Director
    SEPia Creative, LLC
    Community Development Class 1
  • Richard Ramirez
    Senior Vice President
    First Southwest Bank
    Class XVI
  • James Dixon, II
    The Community of Faith Church King's Dome
    Class XVIII
  • Betty Taylor
    Chief Executive Officer
    CenterPoint Human Services
    Class X
  • Herbert Karpicke
    Class XVI
  • Chris Vasquez
    Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
    University Health System
    Class XXII
  • Victor Samuels
    Victory Packaging Inc.
    Class X
  • Adeeb Barqawi
    President & CEO
    ProUnitas, Inc.
    Class XXXVII
  • Paula Harris
    Director Global Social Responsibility Programming
    Education Class 3
  • Lupe Fraga
    Owner & CEO
    Tejas Office Products, Inc.
    Class VIII
  • Minnette Boesel
    Retired - Mayor's Assistant for Cultural Affairs
    City of Houston
    Class XXXVI
  • David Lopez
    VP, Social Responsibility
    YMCA of Greater Houston
    Class XXVI
  • John Sage
    Founder/Chief Executive Officer
    Bridges to Life
    Criminal Justice 1
  • Grace Olivares
    Director of Community Empowerment
    Univision Houston
    Class XXVII
  • Peter Beard
    Sr. VP, Regional Workforce Development
    Greater Houston Partnership
    Class XL-Workforce Development
  • Sherman Lewis
    Lewis Group
    Class XXX
  • Davna Brook
    Retired - Assistant Director - Southern Region
    American Society for Technion
    Class X
  • Ellen Cohen
    Houston District C City Council Member
    Houston City Council
    Class VII
  • Adrian Patterson
    Andrews Kurth
    Class XXXIII
  • Peter Brink
    Nat. Trust for Historic Preservation
    Class V
  • Charles Gregg
    Attorney & Counselor
    Class XVII
  • Bruce Leslie
    The Alamo Colleges
    Class XXII
  • Leonel Castillo
    City of Houston
    Class II
  • Joan Ehrlich
    US EEOC-San Francisco District
    Class VII
  • Emilee Whitehurst
    Senior Vice President External Services
    Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast
    Class XXIX
  • Melody Barr
    Deputy Assistant Director Public Services/Public Facilities
    City of Houston- Housing and Community Development Department
    Class XXXIX
  • Baxter Montgomery
    Cardiologist, Director
    Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center
    Class XXXVII
  • Steven Halpert
    Juvenile Division Chief
    Harris County Public Defender's Office
    Criminal Justice 5
  • Michael Cordua
    Owner & Executive Chef
    Cordua Restaurants
    Class XXIII
  • Susan Kiley

    Medical Community Class 4
  • Anne Sung
    Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
    Project GRAD Houston
    Class XXXIX
  • Richard Shaw
    Retired - Secretary-Treasurer
    Harris County AFL-CIO Council
    Class XIV
  • Kimberly McLeod
    Assistant Superintendent
    Harris County Department of Education
    Education Class 2
  • Fatima Mawji
    Past Board Chair, Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston
    Class XXXVIII
  • Robert Sanborn
    Children At Risk
    Class XXIX
  • Jay Jenkins
    Harris County Project Attorney
    Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
    Class XXXIX
  • Diana Quintana
    Deputy Director, Health Services Division
    Harris County Juvenile Probation Department
    Criminal Justice 2
  • Nicole Longnecker
    Nicole Longnecker Gallery
    Class XLII
  • Joseph Icet
    CEO/Urban Farmer
    Last Organic Outpost
    Community Development Class 2

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