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Thank you to

Jay Guerrero
(Class XXX), Rick Figueroa (Class XXVII), Frances Castaneda Dyess (Class XXVII), Armando Perez (Class XXVII), Laura Jaramillo (Class XXVII), and Lena Silva for leading the dialogue on
Developing the Latino Leadership Pipeline.

The American Leadership Forum Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter
thanks you for a fantastic 2014
filled with synchronicity!

Glance through some of this year’s highlights.

Wishing you many happy and prosperous peak experiences in 2015!

The Staff at ALF--
Dan, Rayanne, Rebecca, and Celene


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The Impact of ALF

showcasing the story of ALF’s personal and community impact in the words of several Houston Senior Fellows

ALF's Value

ALF invites leaders to a yearlong Fellows Program in which they can engage in dialogue, differ, and build relationships.

ALF strengthens Fellows’ capacity to address public issues collaboratively.

ALF builds a strong leadership network to work for positive change in our community.

Thank You

to C.C. Lee and his esteemed host committee for hosting a lovely Chinese Horse Painting Reception benefiting ALF



Senior Fellows from the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Interim Dean of Workforce & Economic Development
    Houston Community College - Northwest
    Class XXXIII
  • Lori Hinton
    American Case Management, Houston
    Medical Community Class 3
  • Becky Seabrook

    Education Class 3
  • Diana Quintana
    Deputy Director, Health Services Division
    Harris County Juvenile Probation Department
    Criminal Justice 2
  • Judy Wallis
    Educational Consultant and University Lecturer
    University of Houston College of Education
    Education Class 4
  • Rebecca White
    President and CEO
    Houston Area Women's Center
    Class XXIX
  • Randhir Sahni
    Llewelyn-Davies Sahni, Inc.
    Class XVI
  • John Simon
    Bennu Oil & Gas, LLC
    Class XXXII
  • Caroline Vetterling
    Senior Partner
    Blazek & Vetterling
    Class XVIII
  • John Meredith
    Executive Director and General Counsel
    Class XXIII
  • Paul Anderson
    Spectra Energy
    Class VII
  • Julie Boom
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Medical Community Class 1
  • Siva Kumari
    Director General
    International Baccalaureate
    Education Class 1
  • Penny Butler
    Community Volunteer
    Class III
  • Dean Gladden
    Managing Director
    Alley Theatre
    Class XXVI
  • Margaret Guerriero
    Guerriero + Spuhler Consulting
    Class IV
  • Kathy Hubbard
    Hubbard Financial Services, Inc.
    Class XXIV
  • Davna Brook
    Retired - Assistant Director - Southern Region
    American Society for Technion
    Class X
  • Tarsha Jackson

    TX Families of Incarcerated Youth
    Criminal Justice 5
  • John Burruss
    Metrocare Services
    Class XXV
  • Gene Locke
    Andrews & Kurth LLP
    Class IX
  • Dean Quinn
    Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
    S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd.
    Class XXXIII
  • Susan Borches
    Class XIX
  • Ghulam Bombaywala

    Five Star Merchant Services
    Class XX
  • Laurie Bricker
    Vice President
    Jefferies & Company, Inc.
    Class XVI
  • Abdel Fustok
    Plastic Surgeon
    Institute of Cosmetic Surgery
    Class XIII
  • Sherry Vetter
    Director of Network Management and Program Expansion
    Texas Children's Hospital
    Medical Community Class 4
  • Roynell Young
    ProVision Inc.
    Education Class 2
  • Richard Ramirez
    Senior Vice President
    First Southwest Bank
    Class XVI
  • Catherine Mosbacher
    President & CEO
    Center for Houston's Future
    Class XIV
  • Marian Davenport
    Executive Director
    Genesys Works -Houston
    Class XXIV
  • Amy Smith
    Deputy Director
    Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
    Criminal Justice 4
  • Arturo DeLeon

    Attorney At Law
    Class XXII
  • Peter Brink
    Nat. Trust for Historic Preservation
    Class V
  • Jay Steinfeld
    Class XXVIII
  • Judy Bozeman
    Chairman of the Board
    Woodway Financial Advisors A Trust Company
    Class VI
  • Laura Jaramillo
    Senior Vice President, Southwest Region
    Wells Fargo
    Class XXVII
  • Dianne Bynum
    March of Dimes
    Class XIII
  • Sean Gorman
    AZA Law
    Class XXV
  • Steven Capper
    Vice-President, The Institute for Sustainable Peace
    Class XXX
  • Cindy Garcia
    Senior Member/Attorney
    The Garcia Law Firm, P.C.
    Class XI
  • Brian Reed
    Vice Chair / Assoc Prof. Community Health Programs
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Medical Community Class 5
  • Nancy Hennessy
    Harris County Precint 1
    Criminal Justice 4
  • Barry Mandel
    President & Park Director
    Discovery Green
    Class XX

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Senior Fellows in the News

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January 29, 2015 - The Houston Chronicle

Chronicle crown 2015 Best Dressed honorees

January 29, 2015 - The Houston Chronicle

Houston mayor wins national award for the arts

January 26, 2015 - Houston Business Journal

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