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Every year, some of the Houston/Gulf Coast's most effective leaders become American Leadership Forum Fellows. Boundaries are crossed. Communities are built. Relationships are forged. Lives are changed.  Here are some of their stories:

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Below are stories about how ALF Senior Fellow leaders have come together to make change in their community.  

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ALF Forged Connections to Help Create GIRL'S Court Impact Panel/HIP logo resize.jpg

Hispanic Impact Panel- Discussions in Hispanic Religious Communities

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ALF Prepared Me to Help Rid a Community of Gang Crime

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MHMRA and El Centro de Corazón's Health Care Center and Mary Jo May's thoughts on the ALF collaboration

Neighborhood development becomes university students' class project James- Ribbon Cutting at Southwest Mangum Elementary.jpg

Mangum Educational Center


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Brighter Bites- Combating Childhood Obesity and Rising Healthcare Costs





Janelle James (Education Class 1)
CEO of Schools
Southwest Schools and Young Learners School--
Underneath everything, it's about the relationships and understanding that.  When you go through that year of ALF it just teaches you that, if you didn't already know how important relationships are.  Maybe that's why I smile so much when I'm with my ALF friends?


ALF has asked some of its Senior Fellows to share their story of how ALF has made an impact and a difference in their leadership.  Below are some of their stories.

David Underwood, Sr. (Class IV), President, Feliciana Corporation and David Underwood, Jr. (Class XXX), President, Chilton Capital Management LLC--
ALF is an experience that I wish a lot more people could experience ...  I’ve been to meetings sometimes and I’ve had the thought that I wish that all of these people had been through ALF.  It’s been great for me.

Mike Anderson, Criminal Justice Class 1, Judge, 262nd District Court





Ken Janda (Medical Community Class 4), CEO, Community Health Choice--
What really amazed me about my ALF class is that spending time with 20 other people, all related to the healthcare business, really gave me such a broader perspective other than my own-- which I think is clearly the best part of the ALF program.


Vic Samuels (Class X, Retired, Victory Packaging Inc.) and Ben Samuels (Class XXI, Chairman & CEO, Victory Packaging, Inc.)--
So in a commitment to community, if you want to be part of that in the long-term, ALF was as good a way as any to make those connections so that you can participate in the leadership in Houston.    

Terry O'Rourke, Criminal Justice 2, First Assistant, Harris County Attorney's Office





Alex Bunin (Criminal Justice 4), Harris County Public Defender--
I've met a lot of good people at ALF and having met them there in that context makes it easier to deal with them in my business relationships.  They have a sense of who I am and I have a sense of who they are and it makes it a lot more relaxed.


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E.W. Bill Wright, Class 1, First Vice President-Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC,-Sarah.rszd.150pxl.jpg

Sarah Peterson, Class XXIII, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Cadence Bank, N.A.



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