The American Leadership Forum creates a network that brings together a broad cross-section of leaders committed to building a stronger community.

With nearly 40 years of experience, ALF is Houston’s premier leadership organization. Since ALF was founded, more than 1,400 Senior Fellows employ collaborative leadership skills to identify and deal with complex regional issues.

According to a newly released impact study prepared by the ALF Curriculum Committee:

six months after the conclusion of the program, Senior Fellows reported gains of 39-71% in the level of their knowledge and behavior related to ALF's core values.  

Click here to read the full study: "An Impact Report about the Effects of the ALF Experience on Senior Fellows"

Special thanks to Dr. Bob Wimpelberg, Class XXIII, for his leadership of the Curriculum Committee and for his work producing this report.

Another study conducted by executive search and leadership advisory firm, Allen Austin, reports that after participating in ALF, Senior Fellows:

  • Are more confident and more assertive in their capacity as leaders
  • Are more attentive to others in conversations and have more in-depth conversations, especially with others who think differently than they do
  • Are more able to embrace different perspectives
  • Better appreciate needs within the community and how to gather resources to meet those needs
  • Deeply value relationships they build in the program to address needs in the region
  • Better engage in dialogue that generates new perspectives and opportunities
  • Affect systems through more diverse approaches
  • Overall, demonstrate improved leadership effectiveness
  • Are changed as human beings and as leaders

To read and watch Senior Fellow testimonials, click here.




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