Selection Criteria

The selection of each class of ALF Fellows is based on building a very broad range of leadership, reflecting the social, ethnic, gender, geographic, political, religious and work sector diversity of the state as much as possible.

American Leadership Forum Fellows are selected on the basis of the following specific criteria:

1. Outstanding Leadership and Potential

Participants must have demonstrated leadership ability, as evidenced by their achievement of positions of significant responsibility and leadership both at work and in the community. These positions must be exceptional for the participant’s age and a pattern should exist which would indicate that his/her initiative and acceptance of responsibility will continue through life.

2. Integrity

Candidates should have demonstrated the highest standards of personal and public honesty and morality, and proven their worthiness of public trust.

3. Professional Stature

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their excellence in or contributions made to their professional or occupational field.

4. Commitment to the Community Beyond the Profession

Candidates should have demonstrated excellence in leadership outside their professional or occupational field in areas which benefit the larger community.  Candidates should have the energy and stamina to sustain them in demanding public leadership roles. Their personal actions and objectives should reflect a concern for the future of the entire community and an appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

5. Willingness to learn and change

Each Fellow should be willing to challenge their own assumptions, and increase their understanding and awareness of others.

6. Capacity to Commit Attendance to the Program

Each Fellow is expected to attend all program sessions unless prevented from doing so by an emergency.  It is mandatory that each Fellow attend these program components: Orientation, the Wilderness Experience, Taking Stock, and Commencement.

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