Senior Fellows Program

After completing the Fellows program, graduates join the ranks of more than 1,300 ALF Senior Fellows, a strong and growing group of distinguished Houston/Gulf Coast leaders. ALF continues to engage Senior Fellows in the programs described below, providing them with opportunities to connect and work with other Senior Fellows through continuing studies programs, issue-based community dialogues, and ALF events.


Current Senior Fellows Programs

  • Online Convenings

With the onset of the Coronavirus, ALF began offering its programs online, pivoting to accomodate the changing health needs of the community.  Conversations have included:

  • Lives and Livelihood: The Ethics of a Pandemic
  • “What if School Does Not Reopen In the fall? What are the Implications of Not Having a Normal School Year?"
  • "Reopening Our Region: How might we navigate the parallel challenges of both human and economic recovery?"
  • How Will Innovation and Adaptability During the COVID-19 Pandemic Shape Society Going Forward?
  • Allyship and Inclusion in Support of Black Senior Fellows Across Our Network
  • Mindfulness Moments and a Mindfulness Mini-Series

John with student at conversation about workIn 1997, the Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter began to focus on education, which was identified as a primary issue of concern in the community. ALF/COPE (Collaborative on Public Education) was initiated to improve public education through leadership training of teachers and principals, a biannual convocation on public education, and building partnerships to benefit public education.

  • Non-Profit Leadership Collaborative

The American Leadership Forum is a founding partner of the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative. Since 1998, the Collaborative has offered an annual thought-provoking symposium featuring a nationally recognized speaker in a format designed to stimulate dialogue among local corporate, nonprofit and community leaders. Presenters have included Francesca Gino, Dan Pallotta, Frances Hesselbein, Robert Putnam, Benjamin Zander, Ronald Heifetz, William Isaacs, Marshall Goldsmith, William Duggan, Peter Block, Dan Heath, Jennifer James, and Jim Kouzes.

  • Second Friday Breakfasts

On the second Friday of each month, ALF hosts a breakfast to encourage networking and collaboration among Fellows. Breakfast topics have included:

-    Are Political Parties Tearing Us Apart? Is There a Better Way Forward?
-    Prepare to Care--Managing the Healthcare of Aging Family Members  
-    What Might Houston Become with Gender Equity in the Workplace?

Reservations for Six

  • Chez ALF

Fellows are invited for an intimate evening of interesting discussion and dialogue with Senior Fellows from across the chapter.

  • Reservations for Six

Reservations for Six is a program designed exclusively for ALF Fellows to get to know one another in a small group setting.  There is no agenda, no program, no specific topic – just a time to be with other ALFers. Fellows buy the meal; ALF provides the introduction and interesting conversation.  This event is kind of like having ALF friends set you up on a blind group date!

  • Jaworski Award Dinner

Fellows and community members are invited for an evening of reunion and recognition.  Each year the Joseph Jaworski Leadership Award is presented to someone who exemplifies American Leadership Forum’s mission of joining and strengthening diverse leaders to better serve the public good.  The ALF Public Service Award is also awarded annually and serves to honor a public figure or nonprofit organization that exemplifies our mission.  Thanks to the generosity of many donors, the Jaworski Annual Dinner has enabled ALF to raise over $200,000 annually to support the operations of the American Leadership Forum.  To learn more about Jaworski Annual Dinner underwriting opportunities, please contact (713) 807-1253 or

  • Annual Meeting

The ALF Annual Meeting and Reunion offers an opportunity to socialize and includes a brief business session with the approval of the slate of trustees.  Fellows and spouses/partners from all classes are invited to this primarily social event.


Senior Fellows